Andrea Lagos

Andrea Lagos is a performer with a background in theatre and dance.  Through the scenic creation she looks for the expression of human fantasies as a source of knowledge. Exploring our fantasies gives us the possibility to reflect about who we are and the world we live in, because they have the power to refer to real facts. They carry questions, conflicts hard for us to analyse yet which need to be expressed. Andrea sees scenic creation – theatre, dance, improvisation, and site-specific – as a place to meet and explore these fantasies. She believes as long as the artist is open to face these real fantasies and express them without prejudice there is a deeper encounter with what is hidden but necessary to say.



Improvisation in D Minor, Opus 5







La(s) Caida(s) en sala - 2
La(s) Caída(s)
Un beso es un beso es un beso
Un Beso es un beso es un beso


La Lorona