What role does the body play in spirituality?

What touches people in their innermost being?

How does the space influence one’s spiritual experience?

‘Der Geist aus dem Körper’ is a movement research that seeks to ask questions about the role of the body within Christianity and spirituality. Using our knowledge as dancers and movement practitioners we search to understand how the body is present within different spiritual practices, how it enhances the spiritual experience and how to express it choreographically.

The research is carried out in dance studios as well as religious spaces in which we explore the physical effect the architecture has on the body. An integral part of the research also goes beyond the artistic world integrating members of theology and other spiritual practices to enrich the artistic work.

As creators we are interested to discover how movement and physicality can transform not only the consciousness of the dancers but also the consciousness of their audiences. Through an integrated approach to movement research, we hope to find methods to realizing this.

This research is carried out between May-July 2021.

This research is part of the #TakeCare NEUSTART KULTUR funding program, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.