‘Endless by 3’

And. And. And. And. The lights turn on.
This person speaks, that person moves.
A creation starts. That composition gets transformed.
A collective composition within the instants of time. Never knowing how it will end but trusting with listening bodies and open minds a creation will unfold.  


An Instant Composition created and performed by Quizzical Körper.    

When: 21. November 2020
Hour: 20hrs (Croatia time)

Where: Online Streaming at attack.hr.  

Instant Composition is the practice of composing and performing a piece simultaneously. It is an art form which stands for non-hierarchical creations because there is no single choreographer or director. Instead, all performers navigate various roles on stage: the author, the choreographer, the dancer, the actor.

We train ourselves so we are ready to follow whatever composition begins to unfold. Whether it is an abstract, absurd, poetic or surrealistic narrative. We must be prepared to follow what the composition is asking. Anything may appear – dance phrases, movement qualities, words and sounds, emotions, a character, humor or drama – but not everything will appear.

We believe that Instant Composition in itself is a political statement. It challenges the audience to be open to the unexpected and unusual. It allows not only what is beautiful but also the honest realities of our bodies and souls to be presented on stage. It is, per se, a rebellious art form that fights against dogmas, prejudices, and the massive productions of our capitalistic society. In Instant Composition, the same piece can never be performed a second time and is created not from the rational mind but the sensing consciousness.  

Composers and dancers: Andrea Lagos, Irene Carreño, Rebecca Mary Narum. 

Lights: Natalie Stark
Film: Jürgen Gocke 
Photo: Melanie Seeger    

International co-production between AKC Attack! and Quizzical Körper. Funded by Kulturamt Freiburg and AKC Attack!. With the support from E-Werk Freiburg.