Drinking Air – ONCE Festival für Improvisation

QK & Harald BN


“Drinking Air” is an Instant Composition piece performed by Quizzical Körper in collaboration with violinist Harald Kimmig. The main concept is synesthesia – the ability to hear colors, see sounds or taste shapes. One musician and three dancers compose instantaneously working with synesthetic abilities: The dancers attempt to see, feel and embody the sounds; the musician intends to hear, feel and transcribe the movement. In this piece, dance and music are in a constant dialogue – sometimes in cooperation, sometimes in conflict – to create a multidimensional landscape which transcends our senses.

When: November 9, 2019
Where: Südufer – Freiburg, Germany
Performers: Quizzical Körper (Andrea Lagos, Irene Carreño, and Rebecca Mary Narum) & Harald Kimmig