Sarantaki Sarantoula

As I am moving through Life, I meet art in everyday living,

Life becomes art itself and through this I become.

As a movement artist, I like to play, to meet, to fall, to touch and being touched by you, you and all of  you, so my interest is the dance of the body that travels beyond the body. A body that speaks what the mind cannot tell, stories that are being told rather than telling them. I am looking for clarity and directness in the complexity of the human body rather than a complicated mind.

The anatomical complexity becomes my reference point. I believe that by learning to drive this vehicle and mastering its own intelligence through kinaesthetic awareness and allowing the mind to travel in different places, the body becomes available. Through this availability I meet, play, am surprised and let the story be unfolded in the present moment and space. Through this any source of inspiration is reachable and kinaesthetic poetry is rising and expresses my inner landscapes.

Once I  learn how to drive the vehicle, the navigation starts towards the pathway. Through that journey musicality and timing are strong encounters that start to dialogue with my intuition and through them I can place myself in different landscapes.

In choreographic work, sometimes the direction of the pathway can go the other way around, from space, creating the scene, the context and through the body into timing and musicality. Depending on what the choreography needs, I choose the necessary and efficient direction in order an artistic piece to be revealed.

Dynamic movements, humanness and images of everyday life are elements that always inspire me to move with joy and have a conversation with the inner little dancer which we all have inside us.




Rootland video project
Rootland Video Project
I am the River
I am the River