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‘Serenus’ is a dance performance that took place in the courtyards of apartment buildings around Freiburg.  Through the Latin American tradition of the Serenata and the literary genre of Magic Realism, the artists were inspired to create a magical dance piece accompanied by serenades on the viola. Surprising and unexpected stories unfolded below the audience while they watch comfortably from their own home.

When: June, 2020
Where: Freiburg, Germany
Choreographer: Irene Carreño
Performers: Andrea Lagos & Rebecca Mary Narum
Musician: Valentine Steckel
Supported by Kulturamt Freiburg, Jürgen Gocke Fotodesign, and SZENE 2WEI



“It’s a small, magical encounter that conveys a lot of longing and wildness. When Lagos flings his meter-long braid across the dance floor or Narum breaks out into a rapturous, crazy operatic opera warble – then one remembers what has been missing for so many weeks: intensity, irritation and new perspectives.” – Badische Zeitung

“Even the first notes of the violin by musician Valentin Steckel create enchantment: passers-by and cyclists stop at the fence as Rebecca Mary Narum and Andrea Lagos roll over the tarpaulin in swinging summer dresses: sky blue and blonde meets dark red and black mane, the figure of Clara from Isabel Allende’s “The Haunted House” on that Sierva María from Gabriel García Márquez’s novel “Of Love and Other Demons”. ” – Kultur Joker

“Thank you as a lively audience, interaction and presence, that’s so important for us!” Irene Carreňo thanks for the warm applause of her big and small audience. For some of them it was definitely the first dance performance of their lives.” – Kultur Joker