„”Transform, borrowed from the equivalent Latin word trānsformāre; Comparable to the Latin word formāre – ‘to form, to shape, to mould’.”

“Transformater” is the current dance production of the Quizzical Körper and brings together eight artists from different disciplines: dance, music and visual arts under the direction of choreographer Irene Carreño.

The piece forms an ode to slowness. The performance opens the eyes to the perception of the present transformative process and the experience of real physical experiences. The dance piece invites us to connect with the sensual world – a world of clay from which human figures gradually emerge. 

500 kilograms of clay and two performers allow intimate moments to emerge, form and change, making infinite transformations palpable. The work proposes a new way of living as humans: in harmony with the rhythm of the ecosystem.

TRANSFORMATER responds to the fast pace in current society that results from the excess of technology.

Dance performance

Premier: 30. March, 2023 @ 20:30

Revival: 31. March & 01. April, 2023 @20:30

Kammertheater E-WERK Freiburg

Produced by Quizzical Körper & Guests

Choreography: Irene Carreño
dancers and Co-creators: Rebecca Mary and Andrea Lagos
Music Composition: Fiona Combosch
Stage design: Alma Luz Monsalve
Choreographic assistance: Andrea Kreisel
Stage design assistance: Yifeng Wang
Dramaturgical eyes: Belinda Winkelmann.
Licht: Georg Hallmann
Grafik: Adolfo Vargas
Photos: Irene Steckel

This project is made possible with the financial support of Kulturamt Freiburg, LBBW – Stiftung as well as with the support and kooperation with E-werk Freiburg.