‘El Aleteo de la Mariposa’

What is small? How much power does a small act have? How can it have as big an impact as a hurricane? And what system is behind it that makes this possible?

In the research and ScreenDance “El Aleteo de la Mariposa” the artists search for answers to these questions. Chaos theory states that the seemingly random chaos of our world’s complex systems is actually based on patterns, interconnectedness, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-organization, and more. This is the inspiration for her work.

PERFORMANCE: 4. April, 2022
WHERE: Performing Mondays, gvbk, Bismarckallee (Delphi Space)



“Ins uns bewegt” is a dance celebration in the church space. Five dancers, a choreographer and a theologian unite their personal search for movements of faith, their spiritual paths and their artistic curiosity and present a dance performance that enters into a dialogue with the architecture of the church, its atmosphere, sounds and smells. Organ music and a choir accompany the dialogue of this journey.

PREMIER: 20. & 21. November, 2021
REVIVAL: 6. & 7. May, 2022
WHERE: Kirche Heilige Familie (Freiburg, Germany) More info here.


The human (Homo sapiens, Latin for “understanding, comprehending” or “wise, clever, prudent, sensible humans (Homo sapiens, Latin for “understanding, comprehending” or “wise, clever, prudent, reasonable man”), according to the systematics of living beings, belong to the Homo species of the ape family which is one of the superior mammal groups. What does this fact mean for humans in the 21st century? Is culture also nature? And why do most people claim they are not animals at all?

Six performers from the fields of dance, music and theatre create spaces for instinctive choreographies, rational improvisations, libidinous arias, efficient choirs and animalistic discourses in an exploration of these questions.

WHEN: 29., 30., 31., October 2021
WHERE: Südufer | E-Werk (Freiburg, Germany)




‘Der Geist aus dem Körper’ was a movement research that sought to ask questions about the role of the body within Christianity, spirituality and other religious practices.

It was carried out between May and July 2021 and was the base/pre-liminary research for our up-coming project “In uns bewegt” which will premier November 18th, 2021 in the Heilige Familie Kirche.

This research was part of the #TakeCare NEUSTART KULTUR funding program, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.



‘Endless by 3’ 

And. And. And. And. The lights turn on.
This person speaks, that person moves.
A creation starts. That composition gets transformed.
A collective composition within the instants of time. Never knowing how it will end but trusting with
listening bodies and open minds a creation will unfold.
An Instant Composition created and performed by Quizzical Körper.
When: 21. November 2020
Where: Online Streaming at attack.hr.
Composers and dancers: Andrea Lagos, Irene Carreño, Rebecca Mary Narum.
Lights: Natalie Stark
Film: Jürgen Gocke
Photo: Melanie Seeger
International co-production between AKC Attack and Quizzical Körper. Funded by Kulturamt Freiburg and with the support from E-Werk Freiburg.



04062020-IMG_6021 (1)


‘Serenus’ is a dance performance that took place in the courtyards of apartment buildings around Freiburg.  Through the Latin American tradition of the Serenata and the literary genre of Magic Realism, the artists were inspired to create a magical dance piece accompanied by serenades on the viola. Surprising and unexpected stories unfolded below the audience while they watch comfortably from their own home.

See more photos here!

When: June, 2020
Where: Freiburg, Germany
Choreographer: Irene Carreño
Performers: Andrea Lagos & Rebecca Mary Narum
Musician: Valentine Steckel
Supported by Kulturamt Freiburg, Jürgen Gocke Fotodesign, and SZENE 2WEI



Drinking Air – ONCE Festival für Improvisation



“Drinking Air” is an Instant Composition piece performed by Quizzical Körper in collaboration with violinist Harald Kimmig. The main concept is synesthesia – the ability to hear colors, see sounds or taste shapes. One musician and three dancers compose instantaneously working with synesthetic abilities: The dancers attempt to see, feel and embody the sounds; the musician intends to hear, feel and transcribe the movement. In this piece, dance and music are in a constant dialogue – sometimes in cooperation, sometimes in conflict – to create a multidimensional landscape which transcends our senses.

When: November 9, 2019
Where: Südufer – Freiburg, Germany
Performers: Quizzical Körper (Andrea Lagos, Irene Carreño, and Rebecca Mary Narum) & Harald Kimmig


C-Over?‘ – Attack! Residency – Akc Medika


Quizzical Körper will conduct a one week dance-theater workshop in collaboration with women from the city of Zagreb to create a breve piece that will be presented at Medika Attack cultural center.

Trailer, photos & more here!

When: August, 2019
Where: Akc Medika| Zagreb, Croatia
Performers: Workshop’s participants, Irene Carreño & Rebecca Mary.
Dramaturgy: Mieke Weckesser.
Artistic Director: Andrea Lagos.


Dead Day Dog

Dead Day Dog
ZKM Performance Lecture (VIDEO)

Interdisciplinary work-in-progress performance after a 4-week research residency exploring the topic of Trauma and disassociation through dance, theater, text, and visual art. Collaboration between Aliens Connected and Quizzical Körper.

Trailer: “Dead day dog”

When: July 4, 2019

Where: ZKM – Center for Art and New Media | Karlsruhe, Germany


Crossroads – Site-specific Dance Performance & Workshop


‘Crossroads’ is a site-specific performance inspired by the unique space of the OrgelFabrik in Karlsruhe. Five bodies make their way through five unique spaces creating a path of five different dance performances.

Trailer: “Crossroads”

When: 7th of June, 2019 @ 19:00

‘Instant Composition’ workshop with Quizzical Körper with a focus on bodies in space. Participants have the opportunity to learn more about the collectives work with Instant Composition and to explore the elements of the ‘Crossroads’ performance

When: 8th & 9th of June, 2019 | 10:30 -14:30

Where: OrgelFabrik | Karlsruhe, Germany


Out of BalanceFAKI Festival

2019-05-25-FAKI-Out_of_Balance-pic_Ivan_Marenic-IMG_3800 (2)

‘Out of Balance’ is an instant composition performance working with the the topic of “INEQUALITY”. Performers: Andrea Lagos, Irene Carreño, Rebecca Mary Narum

Trailer: “Out of balance”

When: 21st – 26th of May, 2019

Where: Akc Medika| Zagreb, Croatia


(What do you think about that?) – Tanzwuchs

web_Tanzwuchs#2_G5004©JenniferRohrbacher (2)

Music and dance dance improvisation with dancers Andrea Lagos and Rebecca Mary Narum, and musicians Luke Wilkins and Joël Beierer.

When: 11th & 12th of May, 2019 @ 20:00

Where: Südufer | Freiburg, Germany


Dead Day Dog


Interdisciplinary work-in-progress performance after a 4-week research residency exploring the topic of Trauma and disassociation through dance, theater, text, and visual art. Collaboration between Aliens Connected and Quizzical Körper.

When: 9th of March, 2019

Where: Südufer | Freiburg, Germany